CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional Multilingual

This version of CCleaner brings improved cleaning to Firefox and Chromium browsers.

- Fixed browser extensions not being shown in Firefox and Chrome
- Fixed cleaning of ‘Last Download Location’ in Chromium browsers

Health Check
- Users can now provide a comment with their rating

Software Updater
- Software Updater displays a message when offline and a ‘Try Again’ button
v5.66.7716 (01 May 2020)
In this version of CCleaner we have added full cleaning support for the Brave and Vivaldi browsers!
Please note we have patched the 5.66.7705 version to 5.66.7716 to fix a stability issue in the CCleaner Professional Trial flow.

- Brave browser can now be cleaned independently
- Vivaldi browser can now be cleaned independently

Health Check
- Fixed an issue where 'Cookies' was also deleting internet history and was incorrectly reporting large numbers of trackers
- Internet history is now deleted via the ‘History’ Privacy category, which also includes download history and recently typed URLs

Pro Trial
- Starting a CCleaner Professional trial now gives you a guided experience to its features