Mastering PostgreSQL 12: Advanced techniques to build and administer scalable and reliable PostgreSQ

Mastering PostgreSQL 12: Advanced techniques to build and administer scalable and reliable PostgreSQ 2019

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Mastering PostgreSQL 12: Advanced techniques to build and administer scalable and reliable PostgreSQL database applications
English | ISBN: 1838988823 | 2019 | 470 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Master PostgreSQL 12 features such as advanced indexing, high availability, monitoring, and much more to efficiently manage and maintain your database

Key Features
  • Grasp advanced PostgreSQL 12 concepts with real-world examples and sample datasets
  • Explore query parallelism, data replication, database administration, and more
  • Extend PostgreSQL functionalities to suit your organization's needs with minimal effort
Book Description

Thanks to its reliability, robustness, and high performance, PostgreSQL has become the most advanced open source database on the market. This third edition of Mastering PostgreSQL helps you build dynamic database solutions for enterprise applications using the latest release of PostgreSQL, which enables database analysts to design both physical and technical aspects of system architecture with ease.

Starting with an introduction to the newly released features in PostgreSQL 12, this book will help you build efficient and fault-tolerant PostgreSQL applications. You'll thoroughly examine the advanced features of PostgreSQL, including logical replication, database clusters, performance tuning, monitoring, and user management.

You'll also work with the PostgreSQL optimizer, configure PostgreSQL for high speed, and understand how to move from Oracle to PostgreSQL. As you progress through the chapters, you'll cover transactions, locking, indexes, and how to optimize queries for improved performance. Additionally, you'll learn how to manage network security and explore backups and replications while understanding useful PostgreSQL extensions to help you in optimizing the performance of large databases.

By the end of this PostgreSQL book, you'll be able to get the most out of your database by implementing advanced administrative tasks effortlessly.

What you will learn
  • Understand the advanced SQL functions in PostgreSQL 12
  • Use indexing features in PostgreSQL to fine-tune the performance of queries
  • Work with stored procedures and manage backup and recovery
  • Master replication and failover techniques to reduce data loss
  • Replicate PostgreSQL database systems to create backups and to scale your database
  • Manage and improve the security of your server to protect your data
  • Troubleshoot your PostgreSQL instance for solutions to common and not-so-common problems
Who this book is for

This book is for PostgreSQL developers and administrators and database professionals who want to implement advanced functionalities and master complex administrative tasks with PostgreSQL 12. Prior exposure to PostgreSQL as well as familiarity with the basics of database administration is expected.

Table of Contents
  • PostgreSQL 12 Overview
  • Understanding Transactions and Locking
  • Making Use of Indexes
  • Handling Advanced SQL
  • Log Files and System Statistics
  • Optimizing Queries for Good Performance
  • Writing Stored Procedures
  • Managing PostgreSQL Security
  • Handling Backup and Recovery
  • Making Sense of Backups and Replication
  • Deciding on Useful Extensions
  • Troubleshooting PostgreSQL
  • Migrating to PostgreSQL
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