MYSQL: SQL Database Programming for Beginners (Web Development)

MYSQL: SQL Database Programming for Beginners (Web Development) 2019

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English | 2019 | ISBN: 1688905812 | 97 pages | EPUB | 2.71 MB

If you're a developer, you just can't ignore databases.
Databases are the storage of the information that your program will process. From a simple web-app to a world-class corporation, data is inside databases.
You have to know how to read, process and handle them.
With this practical manual you will learn how to work with SQL databases, with a focus on MySQL.
You'll have access to practical examples and discover the basics to start working with these powerful tools.

With this book you will learn ...

▸ What is a database and why it is essential for any web project
▸ What are the types of databases and why you need to know MySQL
▸ How to create your development environment on Windows, Mac and Linux
▸ How to create and manage databases
▸ Functions to create and handle tables
▸ How to manage relationships between tables
▸ Sorting and aggregation functions
▸ What is MySQL Workbench and how to use it
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