Python for non-Pythonians: How to Win Over Programming Languages

Python for non-Pythonians: How to Win Over Programming Languages 2019

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English | 2019 | ISBN-13 : 978-8885486867 | 178 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 5.63 MB

Whether or not you are familiar with the world of programming languages, you would probably know that there are currently hundreds of them. They can serve very different goals and their characteristics might change quite dramatically. The goal of this book is to give you an easy access point to start exploring the vast world of programming languages. In particular, in this manuscript we focus our attention on one of the most common and versatile languages: Python. The book uses a very simple and accessible language. All the descriptions of Python functionalities come with intuitive examples to make you learn by doing. The intention of the authors is to allow business oriented people to start using Python. Whether we want to append multiple spreadsheets or profile the customer base, being able to use a solid infrastructure which enables to collect, check, process, analyze data, and report results has become a basic requirement in most industries.
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