The Arduino controlled by eForth (EPUB)

The Arduino controlled by eForth (EPUB) 2018

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English | 2018 | ASIN: B07GZ1MQGF | 254 Pages | EPUB | 5.41 MB

All these years, I have been looking for microcontroller platforms on which I can teach people how to program in the FORTH language. I designed a training course I called Firmware Engineering Workshop. I could train an open minded engineer to program in FORTH in about a week, with a reasonable capable platform, i.e., a microcontroller evaluation board with a FORTH operating system loaded.

Good platforms are expansive, and low-cost platforms are inadequate. What I did was to grab any microcontroller board at hand and used it. It did not work well because what I taught could not be easily replicated by people at home. People got frustrated when they could not reproduce results I demonstrated. Then, I found the Arduino Uno Board.
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