Tiny Python Projects: Learn coding and testing with puzzles and games (MEAP - 98% done)

Tiny Python Projects: Learn coding and testing with puzzles and games (MEAP - 98% done) 2020-05-19

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English | 2020 | ISBN: 9781617297519 | 408 Pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) | 29.24 MB

A long journey is really a lot of little steps. The same is true when you’re learning Python, so you may as well have some fun along the way! Written in a lighthearted style with entertaining exercises that build powerful skills, Tiny Python Projects takes you from amateur to Pythonista as you create 22 bitesize programs.

Each tiny project teaches you a new programming concept, from the basics of lists and strings right through to regular expressions and randomness. Along the way you’ll also discover how testing can make you a better programmer in any language.

About the Technology
Simple yet powerful, Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages. You can use Python to write everything from simple utility programs to complex web applications and deep learning models. Whether you’re a researcher, a marketer, a data scientist, or a professional developer, Python is a fantastic skill to have in your toolbox.

About the book
Tiny Python Projects teaches you the big ideas of Python programming through small puzzles, tasks, and games. Each chapter challenges you with a fun new Python program for you to write and run, including a Shakespearean insult generator, an unbreakable password creator, and various text encoders.

As you practice core Python language features and coding skills, you’ll also explore the principles of test-driven development by running your programs against a suite of specially designed tests. Designed for reading cover to cover or just dipping into the chapters that interest you, this entertaining book will have you parsing command-line arguments, getting interactive user input, and understanding many other programming techniques that scale easily from tiny Python projects to big ones!
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